AM is new age Hotel Management Solutions brand; a ‘Kollection’ of independently owned hotels, where each hotel retains its own unique identity and character. Each AM hotel is run and managed by professional hoteliers and are connected to all other AM properties by the AM network. As an AM Hotel you take advantage of the following:

- Talent Acquisition
- Healthy pipeline of business through existing strategic partnerships
- Centralized Communication, Marketing and Branding
- Increased Customer Confidence
- Cross Selling

As an owner of a AM Hotel Kollection operated property you get all of our Kollective experience and unique approach to hospitality, helping you achieve both your commercial and personal goals.


AM offers a wide variety of services to hotel owners and developers that include:

1) Advisory:

Concept, Facility Planning, Development & Technical Services (Development Phase)

2) Hotel Management Services:

- Pre-opening & Launch
- Centralized Branding Marketing & PR
- Talent Planning & Training
- Purchase & Procurement
- Operations
– Positioning, SOPs
- Budgeting
- Audits
- Risk Management
- Repositioning/Rebranding Services

Interested in being a part of AM Hotel Kollection?